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Create Theater


"Create Theater" is a multifaceted initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture and Youth to provide financial and logistical support to qualified theater associations and troupes, who are considered to be the main drivers of this sub-sector and the main contributors to the industry’s momentum and growth. This initiative has two central streams, Grants and Facilities. It aims to support theater talent and troupes in producing quality content, maximizing their public reach and enabling them through logistical support. Being one of the pillars of the culture sector, Theater plays a pivotal role in highlighting the issues prevailing in society, telling stories that are an integral part of the UAE's contemporary life and history while also creating awareness about values and essential life lessons.

Initiative Objectives

"Create Theater" initiative aims to develop an active and sustainable theater sector in the country by providing financial incentives and facilities that contribute to:

Strengthen and support the theater sub-sector in the UAE
Nurture and empower artists and theater talents and help them develop their skills and capabilities
Contribute to the promotion of the creative economy

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The initiative targets young people and creators from the theater sub-sector, including associations and theater troupes, being the main drivers of this sub-sector and the main contributors to the industry momentum and growth.

This stream consists of four grants to support associations and theater troupes in the UAE to develop their talents and audiences locally and internationally and work towards sustainable contemporary theater.

This stream provides logistic support to associations and theater troupes to facilitate the continuity of their creative productions

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