Arabic Language and Identity

The session discusses the theme of the summit for the current year, namely; (Arabic language and identity), and sheds light on the relationship between both of them, the importance of language in the formation of identity, and how this language - which is part of our identity - is a witness to our history, and an incubator for the achievements of our civilization.

Arabic Language, identity and drama

This session deals with the issue of the growing interest in exploring new creative horizons for the presence of the Arabic language in the arts, and drama in particular, as it is the most influential creative production on screens, and the closest to the widest segments of the audience in the Arab region and the world. The session presents a forward-looking vision for the great stars of Arabic drama in examining the relationship between language and identity, and mechanisms for deepening the bonds of belonging to the language as a civilized and human identity through drama and the arts.

Identity makers in other languages

This session documents the experiences of cultural diplomacy and the so-called diaspora diplomacy through two pioneering literary experiences of great Arab innovators in the Arab world and the countries of the Diaspora, as they have had a pioneering role in bringing the Arab literary content to the world in thought and values, prose and poetry. It also sheds light on the obstacles and challenges that we should overcome in dialogue with others and communication with them.

Future of the Arabic language

A session that sheds light on the future of the Arabic language through arts, literature, science and technology, and discusses through dialogue the issue of how the language flourishes today with the flourishing of its literature, arts and sciences, and how we can view the future of the Arabic language in the era of technology.

Review of the curriculum status report

This session reviews results of the report on the status of curricula, wherein the participants delve into it in search of obstacles to upgrading this sector that is responsible for building societies and developing the skills of future generations. The session also handles outputs of the report for the sake of developing the educational process from professionals and experts point of view. It also sheds light on pioneering experiences in teaching the Arabic language in the Arab world as well as internationally, due to the importance of this process in empowering the Arabic language and confirming the cultural identity.

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