Arabic Calligraphy and Modernist Patterns

Throughout history, Arabic calligraphy has been able to play a leading role in civilized and human communication, expressing the Arab identity and its aesthetic values, and it remains up to date, in light of its many traditional and modern manifestations in arts, architecture, and others, as the faithful ambassador of the stocks of the Arabs knowledge and arts to the world, from the dome of a mosque, a minaret, a wall in a palace, a webpage, a screen, an advertisement, or a name on a shop, as this fine art has been destined to remain a faithful expression of our identity, language, and civilization.

A poetic shade

The poetic morning reflects the supreme position of Arabic poetry on the scale of values and cultural heritage that expresses identity. The session hosts three prominent contemporary Arab poets in a cultural poetic dialogue shedding light on the significance of the poetry and the role the Arab poet who is the authentic speaker who expresses the concerns , aspirations and dreams of the Arabs, inspired by the poetry off the late poet Mahmoud Darwish on his passion for his language and his belonging to his Arab identity: “I am my language, I am as ordered to be by my language words”.

Arabic language in new worlds

The dialogue panel deals with the presence of the Arabic language in the worlds of non-native speakers. It hosts two prominent writers and authors who love and are passionate about the Arabic language, as an attempt to present global role models that cherish the love they carry for the Arabic

Arabic Language and Music

This session sheds light on the close relationship between Arabic language and music, and explores, through its guests who are senior specialists in music composition, singing and chanting, an ancient cultural heritage that extends back more than a thousand years, full of creativity that is inspired by the aesthetics of our language and the specificity of our cultural identity, in building bridges of creative communication with the others in their cultures, knowledge and music.

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