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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Culture and Youth works to enrich the cultural ecosystem of the UAE by supporting the country’s cultural, art and heritage institutions. It provides a platform for artists and innovators, promotes cross-cultural dialogue, and delivers dynamic productions and experiences that represent the UAE’s rich and eclectic culture on national as well as international level. The Ministry’s key mandates include investing in youth and empowering them and building a knowledge-based economy for a sustainable future. The Ministry is also entrusted with regulating the media sector in the UAE by formulating and implementing legislation, regulations, and standards for licensing media and media activities.

Our Vision

"Culture that inspires the world and Youth shaping the future"

Our Mission

To preserve the UAE's identity, enhance and strengthen the position of the cultural, youth and media sectors globally and maximize their contribution as productive and effective sectors within the national economy by: - Preserving the national cultural heritage. - Promoting the cultural and creative industries. - Investing and empowering youth. - Regulating the media sector.

Strategic Objectives

Preservation and Protection of Cultural Heritage, Arabic Language and National Identity

Enabling and motivating arts and literature sectors in the UAE and promoting the presence of Emirati arts and literature globally.

Enhancing the impact and economic value of the Cultural and Creative Industries sector in the UAE

Investing in youth, empowering and involving them, installing confidence in the next generation to shape the future.

Promoting the stature of the UAE and its presence in education, culture and science, - On regional/international forums and organizations

Cultural Sectors

The Media Regulatory Office (MRO) aims to:

Responsible for preparing research and foresight studies related to the media and publishing industry, formulating legislation, regulations, standards, and foundations for organising and licensing media and media-related activities.

Responsible for issuing licences and following up on media content. It implements legislations, regulations, and standards related to media services and media content.

The Arts and Heritage Sector aims to:

Organize, coordinate and manage cultural plans, relating to arts and heritage, with an emphasis on advancing performing arts and design;

Apply and maintain international standards for conservation of tangible and intangible heritage and raise awareness of its significance; and

Ensure the implementation of cultural sector policies; and

Develop cultural specializations effectively, by empowering individuals and institutions concerned with different cultural fields to support and facilitate their work.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Sector aims to:

Promote investment in the cultural and creative industries to enable the cultural sector to contribute to the UAE national economy.

Support the UAE’s efforts to boost Emiratization in the private cultural sector and stimulate the establishment of small and medium enterprises working in cultural and creative industries.

Leverage the talents and interests of young people to establish cultural projects and enhance flexible working among the youth in general.

Support the design and development of UAE cultural products, to keep pace with global trends and explore new local and international markets.

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