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Cultural and creative industries

The UAE’s CCI consist of the ideation, creation, production, distribution, and dissemination of goods and services of creative expression and cultural preservation that generate and sustain socio-economic impact.

Report on the status and future of the Arabic language

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, has launched a status and the future report on the Arabic language on the World Arabic Language Day in December 2018 as part of the consolidation of Arabic as a language of science, knowledge and identity.

Cultural Councils

The Ministry of Culture has established three cultural councils: the Heritage Council, the Arts Council and the Council of Cultural and Creative Industries, with the aim of stimulating the cultural and creative environment in the UAE. These councils are responsible for discussing and studying the most important topics related to relevant systems and strategies, examining legislative needs, joint planning, sharing experiences and sharing experiences and best practices.

National Program to Support Creators

The Ministry of Culture has launched the National Programe to Support Creators Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic to ensure the sustainability of creative work and provide the community with continuous intellectual and cultural production, and has provided substantial financial grants to individuals and small enterprises through the programe.

Information Regulation Office

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, the Office of Information Regulation is responsible for preparing forward-looking research and studies related to the field of information, drafting legislation, regulations, standards and foundations for the organization and licensing of media and media activities, in addition to ensuring the application of legislation, regulations and standards relating to media servers and media content, and studying, proposing and drafting legislation, regulations, standards and foundations necessary to regulate the media sector in the UAE.

Al Buda Award

An initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Culture in 2004 to support and develop creative talent and raise awareness about Islamic arts and culture.

Al Buda Award

An initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Culture in 2004 to support and develop creative talent and raise awareness about Islamic arts and culture.

Reading Month

The UAE celebrates reading month every March through community and institutional events and sustainable initiatives that motivate the community to read.

National Archaeological Register

The National Archaeological Register project aims to establish a unified register of the collection of artifacts found in all emirates, which carries all the details about them and helps in ways to preserve them.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp establishes a culture of creativity among children and youth and provides them with opportunities to be future ready and develop their creativity in the fields of science, arts, design, and architecture.

Electronic Media

The process of communication between the sender and the recipient through the Internet or communication network applications and includes images, movies, clips, symbols and writing, including comedy clips.

Electronic advertising

The means to provide and promote ideas, goods and services through electronic means or network applications for paid or unpaid wages.

Age classification

Symbols and tags in which content is determined to be relevant to different age groups and how well it complies with media content standards.

Works of art

Each author is innovative in the field of arts, sciences or creative pursuits of any kind or the way it is expressed, its importance and purpose, and every material is visible or audible, or both are recorded by any technical or technical means of any kind such as tapes, discs, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Creative Centers

The Ministry of Culture seeks to unite the goals and vision of youth and cultural centers in the country to keep pace with new strategies and agendas, through the integration of youth and cultural centers, under the name of creative centers.


Approval issued by the Ministry (Information Regulatory Office) to allow the printing or circulation of media content.


Writing, drawing, musical piece, solar image or other means of expression in any material, whether read, heard or visible if it is negotiable in any way, including electronic or digital methods.


Permission issued by the ministry to allow media activity within the state.

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