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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy set out below is a part of the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Culture’s website. The Ministry’s website does not collect any of your personal information when you visit it, unless you opt specifically and knowingly to provide us with such information. If you choose to provide us with information, we will use the same only for fulfilling your request for getting information or services. By using this website, you agree with the terms of this privacy policy.

The Ministry of Culture reserves the right to make any minor or major amendments to the terms of the privacy policy from time to time without having to serve a notice to that effect. If you desire to keep using our website after making amendments to this privacy policy, this shall mean that you accept such amendments.



  • The Ministry of Culture is committed to protect the privacy of the user.
  • Using the digital platforms and services of the Ministry of Culture is considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.
  • The Ministry shall be entitled to amend the policy at any time without prior notice.


Using tracking log (Cookies)

  • Digital platforms set cookies temporarily on the visitor’s device once he logs into the website, and they shall be deleted automatically after a short time. Cookies may be set upon logging into the website to save the login status of the user. If this option “Remember Me” is used, this information shall be saved for one year maximum, and when visiting the same page again; the saved username and password shall appear in the relevant fields. Users using PCs other than their personal ones should not save their data in the login page through the option “Remember Me”, in order to avoid use of their personal data by others.


Information Security Policy

This website and its staff apply a comprehensive and strict information security policy, where authorized staff only can have access to the personal identification information, and they have undertaken to preserve the confidentiality of information. The Ministry of Culture is entitled to take any measures as it deems proper to protect the information on the website against loss, abuse or alteration, without guaranteeing, in such a case, maintenance of confidentiality of the contents of this website, and the Ministry shall not be held legally liable for any damage that you or any other person may incur due to infringement of confidentiality of the information you provided to the website and it shall give no compensation for the same. Moreover, the website adopts accurate measures to protect information against loss, abuse or alteration. However, the Ministry of Culture is unable to guarantee confidentiality of your use of this website, and it shall not be held legally liable for any damage that you or any other person may incur due to infringement of confidentiality of the information provided by you to the website.


Purpose of the information security policy

  • Protection of information assets against all threats, whether internal, external, intentional or accidental ones, thus ensuring uninterrupted services for employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Management of risks through designing, execution and maintenance of effective information security management system.


Policy Statement

The framework of management of information security risks of the Ministry of Culture defines the following terminologies:

  • Confidentiality through ensuring protection for the sensitive information against unauthorized access.
  • Credibility/integrity through provision of accurate and valid information according to work values and expectations.
  • Provision depends on availability of information when requested by the concerned persons, as well as protecting the assets and capabilities related thereto.


Data Collection

When you browse the Ministry’s website or its other relevant websites or download information from the same, we collect and store some specific information on your visit automatically for statistical purposes only. The following points show the information we collect:

  • When browsing the website, specific information shall be saved automatically on the visit, and it is stored for statistical purpose only not for any marketing or commercial purposes, including:
  • Name of top-level domain used by the customer to get on the internet, such as com, ae…etc.
  • Type of the browser used by the customer.
  • Date and time of log in to the website.
  • Webpages browsed.
  • Documents downloaded by the customer.
  • Geographical location of the browser.
  • The website does not collect any personal information, unless the customer opts to provide this information, which will be used only for the service request, in order to:
  • Fulfill your requests.
  • Send request confirmation to you.
  • Send identification codes.
  • Manage your account.
  • Answer your inquires and remarks.
  • Send information on the service or the inquiry requested by you.
  • Send service updates or guarantee information.
  • Participate in opinion surveys.
  • Respond to service requests made by the customers.
  • Send marketing messages on the Ministry’s initiatives and projects.
  • Send notices and alerts.


Sharing your information

  • Your information will not be shared with others, except through the methods set out in the privacy policy and as permitted by the applicable Law.
  • We may share your personal information with the federal authorities of the UAE.
  • Your personal information may be disclosed if so required by the Law.
  • Your personal information may be shared with our partners in providing the common services, without authorizing them to use this information.
  • Your personal information may be disclosed for protecting the rights of the customer or the Ministry or for investigation on any suspicious or fraud cases.



  • Activation and application of systems for protecting your personal information and making them available to authorized persons only.
  • Not sharing login data of website, including password and user’s ID. No., with others.
  • Your personal information shall be kept in the following cases:
  • For active user’s account.
  • When requesting for the Ministry’s services.
  • When submitting a comment or suggestion to the Ministry.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Laws applicable and in force in the UAE shall govern any dispute arising out of using the Ministry’s website, and the Courts of the UAE shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide on such disputes.


Contact Us

You may contact us over the privacy policy via the following email address: .


Sending your C.V. via the website

The data contained in the C.V. you sent will be used for employment purpose only, and your C.V. will be kept inside the internal C.V. tracking system for one year. Your data will be available at the internal system only to a limited number of employment officers.

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