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Issuing license ( newspaper /magazine)

Issuing a newspaper (newspaper/magazine) license, including reprinting the newspaper or magazine

  • Fees

    AED 100,000.00 License for a daily newspaper

    AED 50,000.00 License to reprint a daily newspaper

    AED 35,000.00 License for a weekly newspaper

    AED 35,000.00 License to reprint a weekly newspaper

    AED 25,000.00 License for a weekly magazine

    AED 25,000.00 License to reprint a weekly magazine

    AED 15,000.00 License for a bi-monthly magazine

    AED 15,000.00 License to reprint a bi-monthly magazine

    AED 10,000.00 License for a monthly magazine (or every two months)

    AED 10,000.00 License to reprint a monthly magazine (or every two months)

    AED 3,000.00 License for a quarterly magazine

    AED 3,000.00 License to reprint a quarterly magazine

    AED 1,000.00 License for an annual magazine

    AED 1,000.00 License to reprint an annual magazine

  • Fee Type


  • Category


  • Sector

    Media Regulatory Office

  • Department/Division

    Licensing and media content Department

  • Service Type

    G2G & G2B & G2C

  • Service Structure


  • Digital Transformation


  • Target Customer

    • Individuals, companies, ministries, government departments, public institutions and public bodies that want to issue a license for media activity

  • Service Channels

    Submit Service Request

    Obtain Service

    Payment for Service

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    Call Centre

    P.O Box

    Application Platform

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  • Service Limits



Issuing a newspaper (newspaper/magazine) license, which includes reprinting the newspaper or magazine. 1. Submitting an application for issuing a new license (magazine/newspaper) electronically.


A copy of the passport, a copy of the identity card, the family book, and a number of (1) personal photos of the license applicant, the editor-in-chief and the partners, if any.


A copy of the academic qualification of the license applicant and the editor-in-chief.


The bank guarantee in the amount of (50,000) fifty thousand for each daily newspaper and (25,000) twenty five thousand dirhams for the journal is unconditional and irrevocable (after approval).


Bring the work draft (magazine/gazette tab).


A sample introduction document from an external committee


Trade name form certified by the competent authorities (according to the emirate, if any).


Bring three copies for different preparations of the magazine / newspaper


Show the license of the publication in the country from which it is issued, indicating the date of the start of the license and the date of expiry


A copy of the media and commercial license for the printing press in which it will be printed


After the publication is issued, the Media Licensing Department must be provided with (5) copies of it


The Media Licensing Department must be notified of any change to the data


Pay the financial fees prescribed by cards - (e-dirham - credit cards). Terms and conditions apply


Request to issue a media license for a new activity or several activities from the dealers or their representative electronically


Checking the attachments and conditions that must be met in the issuance request


In the event of a license request (magazine / reprint / newspaper / radio or television broadcast inside or outside the free zone), the application will be presented to the administration and the administration’s recommendations are drawn up


In the event of the activities presented to the committee, address the concerned authorities to issue the approval or not.


In the event of the committee's approval, or in the event of non-approval, the response is given electronically


Pay the prescribed financial fee electronically


Issuing the license electronically

  • Al Dhafra Cultural Center

  • Fujairah Cultural Center

  • RAK Cultural Center