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Issuing Media licenses for Services (activities) of a commercial nature

Issuing Media licenses for Services (activities) of a commercial nature (includes 74 activities as mentioned in the fees page

  • Fees

    AED 3,500.00 License for import and distribution of books

    AED 3,500.00 License for import and distribution of newspapers and magazines

    AED 1,500.00 License for news agency offices, and the like to engage in press services to gather news, reporting and analysis, distribution to subscribers

    AED 1,000.00 License to sell books

    AED 1,000.00 License to sell newspapers and magazines

    AED 500.00 License to sell all types of publications and cards, including greeting cards, wedding cards, as well as identification cards

    AED 1,000.00 License to import greeting cards containing short messages for events

    AED 1,000.00 License for commercial import of artistic paintings

    AED 500.00 License for commercial sale of artistic paintings

    AED 5,000.00 License to import and distribute all audio media, including cassette tapes

    AED 4,000.00 License to sell all audio media, including cassette tapes

    AED 6,000.00 License for import, distribution and sale of visual media, including videos and video discs

    AED 5,000.00 License to copy and manufacture audio or visual media

    AED 2,000.00 License for import and distribution of computer software

    AED 3,000.00 License for production and design of computer software

    AED 1,000.00 License for sale of computer software

    AED 10,000.00 License for import and distribution of electronic video games

    AED 8,000.00 License for sale of electronic video games

    AED 2,000.00 Licensing for production of electronic video games

    AED 5,000.00 License to provide digital information through SMS through telephone services, including text, images, sounds, shapes, drawings, etc.

    AED 25,000.00 Printing Press license

    AED 10,000.00 License for printing-related work, including the means and procedures for preparing and implementing the material for printing

    AED 10,000.00 License for design, implementation production and installation of billboards

    AED 5,000.00 License to produce and design ad content

    AED 10,000.00 License to provide Internet services

    AED 80,000.00 License for Cinema

    AED 30,000.00 License for import and distribution of films

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  • Category


  • Sector

    Media Regulatory Office

  • Department/Division

    Licensing and media content Department

  • Service Type

    G2G & G2B & G2C

  • Service Structure


  • Digital Transformation


  • Target Customer

    • Individuals, companies, ministries, government departments, public institutions and public bodies that want to issue a license for media activity

  • Service Channels

    Submit Service Request

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    P.O Box

    Application Platform

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Fill out an application for issuing a new license electronically.


A copy of the passport, a copy of the identity card and the family book for the citizen, and a number of (1) personal photos of the applicant and partners, if any.


Passport or ID card and (1) personal photos for GCC citizens


A copy of the academic qualification for the license applicant. Printing activity license only


Trade name form certified by the competent authorities. (According to the emirate, if available)


An introduction document form "from an external committee" for the activities presented to the committee.


The lease contract in the case of practicing activities that are not presented to the committee. As for the activities that are presented to the committee, we must be provided with the lease contract after approval.


Pay the prescribed financial fees with cards - (e-dirham - credit cards). Terms and conditions apply.


Request to issue a media license for a new activity or several activities from the dealers or their representative electronically


Checking the attachments and conditions that must be met in the issuance request.


In the event of a license request (magazine / reprint / newspaper / radio or television broadcast inside or outside the free zone), the application will be presented to the administration and the administration’s recommendations are drawn up


In the event of the activities presented to the committee, address the concerned authorities to issue the approval or not.


In the event of the committee's approval, or in the event of non-approval, the response is given electronically.


Pay the prescribed financial fee electronically.


Issuing the license electronically

  • Al Dhafra Cultural Center

  • Fujairah Cultural Center

  • RAK Cultural Center