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New license for Radio and TV broadcasting

The issuance of Radio &T V Broadcasting license via cable, via mobile phones, via satellite or any other means inside / outside the free zones of the channels encrypted and non-encrypted

  • Fees

    AED 10,000.00 License to broadcast radio programs via cable, mobile phones, satellite, or any other means of encrypted channels

    AED 10,000.00 License for cable TV, mobile phones, satellite, or any other means of encrypted channels

    AED 10,000.00 License to broadcast via cable, mobile phones, satellite, or any other means of unencrypted channels

    AED 10,000.00 License for cable TV, mobile phones, satellite, or any other means of unencrypted channels

  • Fee Type


  • Category


  • Sector

    Media Regulatory Office

  • Department/Division

    Licensing and media content Department

  • Service Type

    G2G & G2B & G2C

  • Service Structure


  • Digital Transformation


  • Target Customer

    • Media institutions that have a license for radio and television broadcasting activities via cable, mobile phones, via satellite or any other means inside/outside the free zones for encrypted and unencrypted channels

  • Service Channels

    Submit Service Request

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    P.O Box

    Application Platform

  • Supplementary Service


  • Service Limits



The application is submitted electronically.


Fill out the introduction document form “an external party” for the license applicant, partner and partners (if any).


A copy of the passport with the unified number, the family book for citizens only, and a number of (1) personal photos and a copy of the identity card for each of the license applicant / partner / partners “if any”.


Commitment to pay the financial fees prescribed by the e-dirham cards - the credit card outside the free zones. As for inside the free zones, the prescribed financial fees are paid at the rate of 10% of the value of the fees that are collected within the free zones.


The proposed name of the channel or station, its main center, and the language of broadcasting.


Detailed data about the applicant and his partners, if any, and those who will work with him and their previous experiences, and detailed data on funding sources.


Documents proving the financial ability of the license applicant to cover the establishment expenses, especially the expenses of the first year at least.


An economic feasibility study from recognized sources and in accordance with recognized standards (Business Plan).


The technical, operational and program plans for the required license shall be submitted upon request for the license and upon renewal.


A technical study that includes the types of services that the broadcasting activity will provide, the geographical area it covers, and the technology used to provide those services, taking into account the importance of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority approving the technical specifications and techniques used in broadcasting.


Encouraging the absorption of national media cadres in the applicant institution for licensing.


A pledge to allocate programs (in the case of local radio and television stations that broadcast in a language other than Arabic) to support the national development interests in the United Arab Emirates and to clarify the state's policy in various fields.


Any other data and studies required by the Ministry


Request to issue a media license for a new activity or several activities from the dealers or their representative electronically


Checking the attachments and conditions that must be met in the issuance request


In the event of a license request (magazine / reprint / newspaper / radio or television broadcast inside or outside the free zone), the application will be presented to the administration and the administration’s recommendations are drawn up


In the event of the activities presented to the committee, address the concerned authorities to issue the approval or not.


In the event of the committee's approval, or in the event of non-approval, the response is given electronically.


Pay the prescribed financial fee electronically.


Issuing the license electronically

  • Al Dhafra Cultural Center

  • Fujairah Cultural Center

  • RAK Cultural Center